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Tagore Hospital
India’s First NABH Safe-I certified hospital

General Medicine

General Medicine concerning Investigations & Treatment of General Diseases like Fever, Breathlessness, Various types of pains in the body & management of various types of Medical emergencies


Comprehensive Diabetes Care including diabetes foot care clinic, education, Dietary Advice to Diabetic Patients. Diagnosis & Management of all complications of Diabetes – Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Ratinopathy, Foot Disease, Cardiac and Neurological Disease.


Stitch less Cataract Surgery by Phacoemulsification, Medical & Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma, Squint & Oculoplastic Surgery. Fundus Fluorescein Angiography & Laser Treatment for Retinal Disease, Computerised Eye Testing. Sutureless Pars Plana Vitrectomy surgery for various Retinal diseases, OCT Scan, Yag Laser, Perimetery.


Latest in ENT by Coblation & Microdebrider USA. Coblation Tonsillectomy, Coblation Adenoidectomy, Powered Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Stuffy Nose Procedures, Snoring/Sleep Surgery, Coblation Turbinoplasty, Coblation Microlaryngical Surgery, Micro Ear Surgery, Oral Cancer Screening.

Nephrology & Urology

Haemo Dialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Endo Urology, PCNL/URS, TURP, Laparoscopic Urology, Uro Oncology, Andrology, Reconstructive Urology, Paediatric Urology, Uro Gynaecology, Lithotripsy, Urodynamics, Uroflowmetry, Urosonology, Renal Transplant.


Bronchoscopy including TBLB, TBNA, Management of Hemoptysis, Pleaural disease including chest tube insertion, U/S guided pleural fluid aspiration, Pleurodesis, Ventilatory management both non invasive & invasive mechanical, Spirometery, Sleep Study (Polysomnography), CT Guided FNAC of peripheral lesions, Pulmonary rehabilitation, Chest physiotherapy, Association with Cardiothoracic Surgeons colleagues is there for decotication, VATS, Thoracotomy, Lobectomy, Pneumonectomy, Thoracoscopy etc.

Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery

Echo, TMT, TEE, Holter, Angiography, Angioplasty (Coronary, Peripheral, Carotid) Volvoplasty, Pacemaker, AICD, Bi-Vent Pacing, E.P.S, R.F.A, Bypass Surgery (Beating Heart & on Pump), Surgery for Congenital Defects, Valve Replacement Surgeries, Embolectomy, Coil Repair of PDA, Device Closure of PDA, ASD, VSD. Pericardiectomy, PDA ligation.

Gastroenterology & Gastro-Surgery

UGI Endoscopy (Diagnostic & Theraputic), Colonoscopy (Diagnostic & Theraputic), ERCP, Sigmoidoscopy, , Comprehensive treatment for Liver diaseas. Intestinal Obstruction surgery, Surgery for Hemorrhoids, Gastro Intestinal Obstruction and all laparoscopic surgeries.

Neurology & Neuro-Surgery

EEG/Video EEG, NCV, EMG, Btain Stem Auditory Evoked Potentials, Visual Evoked Potentials, Somatosensory Evoked Potantials, Botox Therapy for Dystonias; Hemifacial spasm; Blepharospasm; Spasticity. Stroke ICU, Therapeutic Procedures - Simple Neurosurgical Procedures, Thrombolysis - Intra-arterial / Intravenous. Cerebral Aneurysm Coiling, AVM Embolisation. Craniotomy (Extra dural, Subdural, Depressed Fracture & Intracerebral), Decompressive for Craniotomy for cerebral edema, Burr holes surgery, Duroplasties for pneumocephalus, Anterior Cranial fossa repair for post traumatic CSF rhinorrhage, Thecoperitoneal shunt for CSF leakage, Ventriculoperitoneal shunt for post traumatic hyderocephalus, Craniotomy Post traumatic osteomyelitis.

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

High Risk Cases, Normal Delivery, Cesarean Section, M.T.P, Tubectomy, Treatment for - Menstrual Disorders, Breast Diseases, Infertility – Primary / Secondary, Adolescent / menopausal Problem.

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Major/Minor General Surgcial Operation - Laparoscopic operation for Gall Bladder/Appendix/Ovarian Cysts etc., Operation for Tumour etc., Laparatomy Operation for Intestines/Liver/Spleen/ Pancreas, Surgery for Hernia/Genital/Anorectal Problems, Major Gynecological Surgery e.g. Abdominal / Vaginal Hysterectomy. Adominal Surgeries, Hiatus Hernia Repair, Inguinal Hernia, Splenectomy & Apendicetomy.

Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Treatment of Bone & Joint problems, Trauma Case, Simple / Complicated case of Fracture, Interlocking nail, Surgery for Joint Replacement, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Nerve Stimulation, Wax Therapy, Traction, Therapy for Hemiplegic / Paraplegic case, SWD, Bone Marrow.

Paediatrics and Neonatology
Out-Patient & In-Patient Facility, Vaccination Clinic, Well Baby Clinic, Epilepsy Clinic, Asthma Clinic, Adolescent Health, Pediatric Cardiology Clinic, NICU & PICU.

Skin, V.D & Cosmetology

Treatment of Acne Scars, Chemical peeling for various Pigmentations & Wrinkles, Electrosurgery for Skin Tags, Warts, Moles etc., Electrolysis (Facial Hair Removal), Leukoderma / White Patches Surgery, Cryoslush for Active Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Keloids & Wrinkles etc., Treatment for Hair Loss, Cosmetic Care & Counseling for Normal & Problematic Skin, HIV Counseling.


Diet Consultation for Obese/Hypertensive/Diabetic/Renal or Cardiac Patients, Weight Management - Lose or Gain Weight.

Radiology (24 hours)

MD CT Scan (Emotion) 16 Slice, CT Angiography, Ultra Sound, Peripheral Doppler, Digital X-Rays.

Laboratory (24 hours)

Biochemistry, Haematology, Pathology, Microbiology, Serology, Histopathology.

Blood Bank (24 hours)

Govt. approved Blood Bank with Apheresis Unit for Platelet.


Ultrasound Therapy, Nerve Stimulation, Wax Therapy, Traction, Therapy for Hemiplegic / Paraplegic case, SWD.


Counseling services for Indoor and outdoor patients.

Pharmacy (24 hours)

24 hours pharmacy services for Indoor & outdoor patients.

Mobile Cardiac ICU Ambulance (24 hours)

An ambulance with the ultra modern technology & equipped with state of art life saving equipments.

Tagore Hospital

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