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Is stair climbing allowed after the surgery?
Yes, from the day of discharge patients can climb stairs slowly to avoid getting tired. It would not lead to angina or heart attack.

When and how much a patient should walk after surgery?
Usually by the 3rd or 4th day of the surgery patients are allowed to walk. He/She should not get tired.

When can a patient join office/work?
You may gradually return to work in approx. 8 weeks after discharge.

Do patient's need bed rest after surgery?
Not at all. In-fact patients are encouraged to start light activities like walking reading watching TV soon after the surgery.

Are steel wires which are put in the chest after the surgery taken out after a period of time?
There is no need to remove them, they can remain there.

Can a patient have normal sex life after surgery?
The exertion reached by a patient during intercourse is similar to walking approx. half a mile at a brisk pace or climbing one or two flights of stairs. When you can perform these activities without becoming fatigued or short of breath, sexual activities can be resumed.

Is it safe for a woman to conceive after surgery?
Yes it is completely safe but they must inform their gynecologist that they are on anticoagulants.

How soon the patient can understand long distance journey after the surgery?
Normally patient can undertake journey right after the stitch removal, i.e 15 days after the surgery. But the final decision is taken by the doctor after assessing the patient over all conditions.

Is it safe to travel by air?
It is safe to travel in air crafts which have pressurized chambers.

Can I smoke/ drink after surgery?
It is important that you must stop smoking and do not resume it. Never drink alcohol during the recovery period after that the patient is advised to consult their doctor.

Can I assume side way position while sleeping?
Patients are allowed to take sideways position but not for long (5-10 minutes) but always with the support of pillow. It is alright to take left side position also, if the patient is comfortable.

What kind of food or diet can I take after surgery?
The dietitian will guide you about the quantity and quality of food at the time of discharge and subsequent follow-ups.

Is treatment necessary? Is any non invasive technique available?
Yes, there are non surgical ways of closing an ASD. If the hole is suitable, then we can close it by catheter based techniques. To determine the suitability, we have to do a trans-esophageal electrocardiography.

Please tell me about the best medicines for the heart blockage. Also the best and the convenient way for knowing how much blockage is there and its treatment?
There is no such " Best " medicine for heart blockage. In fact just medicines can not open the blockages in the heart.

The best way of knowing extent of blockages, is coronary angiography. The treatment can be either a balloon angioplasty or bypass surgery, depending upon a severity of blockage. Does blood donation lead to any kind of weakness?
No it does not lead to any kind of weakness or impotency.

How much blood can one person donate at a time and how long does the body need to make up for it?
300ml can be donated at a time and the volume of blood is made within 24 hrs in the body.

What is the suitable time gap between two donations?
Three Months.

What are the prerequisites to donate blood?
a) Donor should be between 18-55 years of age
b) Should not be suffering from hypertension, diabetics, thyroid dysfunction, epilepsy psychiatric disorder, jaundice in last 20 years, malaria, typhoid or viral in last 6 months.
c) Should not have had surgery in the last 6 months
d) Should not be under weight or anemic
e) Pregnant, lactating and menstruating women are not advised to donate blood.

How many units are required for surgery?
2-6 units depending on the type of surgery.

Does one need to keep stand by (fresh blood) donors?
Yes, if the patient is having redo surgery or if he or she is having negative blood group. In such cases it is recommended that the stand by donor should give a sample of his or her blood at least 24-48 hrs before. Surgery for testing for cross matching and infection.

What should be the blood group of the donors?
If the patients blood group is positive A, B, O or AB then the donors could be of any group. In case of negative blood group A, B, O or AB then the donors should preferably of the same group or a part of the donations should be of the same group.

Can the families get blood from professional donors or from other blood banks?
No it is not advisable to get blood from professional donors as they are not healthy. They donate blood very frequently afainst the stipulated time period of 3 months. In view of prevalence of AIDS/Hepatitis B & C professional donors should NEVER be engaged. Recognized licensed blood banks could be approached.

Can a patient be given O Positive blood during surgery if the family is not able to arrange the donation of required blood group?
The concept of Universal donor and recipient is no longer held by medical science. However O Positive blood is given in extreme cases.

Is blood transfusion serious after surgery?
It is not serious but it is sometimes done to make up for the volume and coagulation factors.

Does EHIRC test the blood donated by the donors in their blood bank?
Yes EHIRC carries out tests for AIDS/HbsAG/Malaria/VDRL

How does anti-coagulant medicine affect the menstrual cycle?
By and large it doesn't affect the cycle.

What is the difference between open and closed heart surgery?
Open heart surgery is a technique where during the surgery where the circulation of blood through the body is taken over by the heart lung machine. Most types of cardiac surgeries eg. bypass surgery, valve replacement and some other cardiac defect repair can be performed by using this approach.

Does taking out suphenous vein leads to weakness in the limb? Are there any restrictions on the movement?
No it does not lead to any kind of weakness and there are no restrictions on the movement also but in the initial 3 months after surgery, patients are advised to wear crepe bandage, not to sit cross legged. And not to keep the leg in the hanging position for a long time.

Is it possible that the blood which is donated by the family members is given to the patient?
Yes, if the donors are healthy and are of the same blood group as of the patient and the blood cross matches.

What kind of valves are used in surgery?
Both Mechanical and Biological valves are used. The surgeon would decide which one would be best suited for you

Do they last life long?
The life span is around 10-15 years but they may last longer also if all necessary precautions are taken.

Does a surgeon change the diseased coronary artery during the bypass surgery?
No the arteries are not changed but as the name suggests a new route for the blood to flow is constructed by interposing a pieces of blood vessel between the parental artery (arota) and the remaining healthy part of the narrowed coronary artery.

Is Bypass Surgery possible in the limbs?
Yes. The risk factors (Diabetes Mellitus, Raised Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure) that cause blockages in the arteries of the heart, can and do cause similar blocks in the arteries to the limbs. Lower limbs are affected in a majority of cases. In indicated patients peripheral angiography followed by Bypass surgery or Angioplasty is successful in a high percentage of patients.

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